All offices have some issues!  Your office has different issues than some of your colleagues or competitors.  To the level you can learn how to solve issues on a weekly basis, is directly proportional to your practice growth!  Your weekly meetings are a critical component in allowing you and your team to solve problems.  Solving problems day to day is not only draining, but it also affects the overall moral and culture of the business. The CFP weekly meetings approach not only allows you to solve problems once a week, it also creates accountability for your staff and you can see who is getting their work done and who isn’t pulling their weight. Our IDS approach to solving problems actually allows you to figure out the true cause of the problem and not just patch it up temporarily.  Weekly meetings create the game plan for the week to come.  If you have ever played sports, you understand that if you go into the game without a game plan you are going to get crushed!  The same with business. If you don’t have a plan every week so you can hit your targets and goals, then you are always going to be in a state of reaction. You can’t win the game if you are only playing defense!


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