In-House Visit

Once you become a member of Chiro Freedom Producers, one of our coaches will personally travel to your practice for a two day in-house visit. This time will be spent to set up the necessary components for a successful business. You and your staff will be asked to participate in the entire process as a team which will create greater unity within the practice. You will come out of the experience clearly understanding the vision, core values and goals of your practice. Statistics will be used to reverse engineer weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly goals. Each staff member will learn what their roles are and what is expected of them. They will also be taught how to better communicate and interact with one another by understanding personality types. This will also improve their patient interactions. You will be taught how to run extremely productive and efficient weekly staff meetings as well as quarterly meetings. These two days will give you the roadmap you need to see where you are going and how you are going to get there. There will be an absolute sense of clarity once the in-house visit is complete. This is like nothing else in the chiropractic consulting industry!

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