About Us

Being a Chiropractic entrepreneur isn’t easy.  We became Chiropractors because we wanted to help people, but what we didn’t realize is that we have to be a marketer, manager, specialist, visionary just to name a few of the skills or responsibilities to run a successful profitable practice.  Unfortunately we were never taught these skills in school, and most of are learning through trial and error.  The Chiro Freedom producers program isn’t like any program you’ve ever seen! We take a Personal business approach that will connect to your personality and allow you to not only excel at your business, but enjoy doing it! One of the many unique things about CFP, is that we come to you!  Our revolutionary in-house training allows us to not only look at what’s working and what needs help, but it also get your staff on the same page and excited for the changes to come! Think of it like the TV show bar rescue.  We evaluate and break down your business into 4 different divisions,  Marketing, Operations, Production, and Finance.  This allows your business to have structure and accountability.  When you have structure, you have control, and when you have control, you know who is responsible for what, why are things getting or not getting done and are able to course correct before it affects your business results. This creates predictability.

Our Core Values

  1. Freedom:  We believe that if you have a properly functioning organization that you will have the freedom of time to enjoy family friends and experiences. Freedom from financial stress and having an abundance of financial resources to be able not to only help yourself but others.  Freedom to experience life to it’s fullest and live your true soul purpose.

  2. Growth:  Growing professionally is important, but growing personally is even more important! If we don’t grow as a better more capable person it will ultimately have a negative impact on our personal, professional, and spiritual life. Growth occurs at a balance of conflict and support.  Too much conflict we get burnt out, and too much support we get bored.  The more we grow, the more of a positive impact we can have on others.

  3. Authenticity:  Life is to short to surround ourselves with vultures.  We practice what we preach and we will only bring things in the organization or group that we feel will create value and fair exchange.  If we can’t be authentic and vulnerable, it is very difficult to grow.  Ego is a dangerous thing and can sabotage our true goal of being happy.

  4. Leadership:  We are at a time that Leadership is more critical than ever before.  We have so called leaders taking advantage of us and bashing other leaders in our profession because of a feeling of lack or insecurity.  We believe that their is abundance in the universe and that everyone can flourish.  Our duty is to help lead each other and  our profession to a higher standard so that they can lead their communities and have a greater impact on society.

  5. Connection:  In our practices we are connecting people to themselves through the amazing power of the chiropractic adjustment.  We believe you can also feel connected to your businesses in the same way.  CFP is a tribe of amazing people that come together to connect, grow and hold each other accountable.  Lives are a stake, yours and your communities.

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